Everol Reels

Assistance and repair service

How to order spare parts.


Refer to the reel exploded view for parts identification and location. To order parts, include your reel model, size and serial number, part number and name, your name and address. For the older model, when the serial number is not there, please indicate the year it was purchased, also the color of the dial and writing on it can help identify the right parts. Send the order to your local Everol service or directly to the factory.

Reel repair service.


For the fastest repair service, we recommend you contact your local Everol dealer. You may also return your Everol for factory service. Send it insured and including a short note describing the problem.

To avoid errors, please make sure your name and return address appear clearly. If the package is sent to the manufacturing company in Italy, please do not indicate the value of the reel, but only write “reel sent to the manufacturing company for repair”, otherwise you may have to pay customs duty.

Allow sufficient and reasonable time for Everol to receive and perform the required service for the reel and it will be promptly repaired and returned to you.
Everol snc reserves the right to discontinue models and make changes to project specifications without notice if the reason is an improvement in the required performance.

To take advantage of the Everol assistance service, use the following form which authorizes the sending of the product for inspection or repair. It must be completed in all its parts, signed and sent together with the product.

The form is only available in Italian, if you need help contact us
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