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Everol downrigger Nautilus

The Everol Nautilus Downrigger is simple yet functional. Built with only the most anti-corrosive components, the Nautilus is built to withstand the insidious saltwater environment. The Nautilus can swivel 360 degrees and stop at will, and its ingenious clutch system can be controlled effortlessly with one hand (by simply winding counterclockwise, the ball or Z-Wing […]

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Everol Twister

Everol Twister is knot tying tools that make that complicated knot to the union of dyneema with fluorcarbon super easy. Tension can be set for perfect, high-precision knots every time. The changeable weight system let it great for making PR knot for PE3 to PE12 line, possible combination allow 40 – 45 – 50 –

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