Everol Reels

Everol VJ

This reel is one of the best for light jigging and inchiku, fishing techniques that will allow you to catch big fish. VJ 8 Light Everol is an Italian handcrafted product and mounts 6 stainless steel double shielded ball bearings and 1 anti-reverse.

Its drag release button (optional) is patented, which allows you to freely unwind the thread without moving the clutch lever.

The reel stop button is also optional. This button allows you to brake it and release it again when the Jigg slows down.

Right-handed and left-handed version available.

ModelLine capacityWeightMax DragRatios
VJ 6 Light350m-0.5 nylon480 gr20lb6.2:1/4.8:1
VJ 8 Light350m-0.28 multifibra540 gr38lb6.2:1/4.8:1
VJ 12450m-0.28 multifibra580 gr40lb6.2:1/4.8:1
VJ 20550m-0.35 multifibra600 gr40lb6.2:1/4.8:1
VJ 20550m-0.35 multifibra600 gr40lb6.2:1/4.8:1
VJ 20 FB550m-0.35 multifibra600 gr40lb6.2:1/4.8:1
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