Everol Reels

Everol 6/0 Anniversario – Limited Edition

A Limited Edition by Everol that celebrates its 60th anniversary with a masterpiece of Made in Italy craftsmanship. A 6/0 that releases 60 lbs of braking power, with double speed 1:1.6 and 1:3 and a capacity of 800 meters of 50 lbs. But be careful, it is not a collector’s reel, this is a real fighting machine, every single piece has been handmade and tested in every part. The Top for those who love beautiful and reliable things.

ModelHandleGear RatioBraid Capacity LBS/YDSWeight (gr)Max Drag LBS
Everol 6/0 Anniversario DXRight1:1,6 – 1:3800m / 50 lbs – 500m / 80 lbs210060
Everol 6/0 Anniversario SXLeft1:1,6 – 1:3800m / 50 lbs – 500m / 80 lbs210060
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