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Everol Infinite

The Infinite holds an impressive 800mtrs of 80lb braid and when full the gear ratio of 3.7 – 1 allows approximately 95 cms of line to be retrieved per turn. Three carbon fibre plates allow a massive 75lb of drag. The handle is adjustable to suit the individual allowing for positions of 92mm, 100mm or […]

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Everol Special

SPECIAL Everol fishing reel. Top for trolling and sea drifting. The Special Series is the traditional workhorse of the Everol series of reels. With its multidisc, forced air cooled floating drag system and five double shielded stainless steel ball bearings, the Special Series is ready to take on anything that swims. The Special Series are

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Everol Two Speed

A powerful two-speed series of reels designed to tame the largest of gamefish. These reels shift effortlessly between the high (3:1) and low (1.6:1) gears even under the most extreme conditions. The Everol Two-Speed reels feature a gearbox with stainless steel gears. To provide the highest performance, they are assembled on seven double shielded stainless

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Everol T-Shot

The Everol T-shot range have been designed specifically with braid in mind, they are light but very strong. The reels have a powerful and smoothly progressive multi disc drag system and a fast retrieve gear ratio for fast moving fish. The reels have a smooth and precision operation courtesy of the six ball bearing design.

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Everol VJ

This reel is one of the best for light jigging and inchiku, fishing techniques that will allow you to catch big fish. VJ 8 Light Everol is an Italian handcrafted product and mounts 6 stainless steel double shielded ball bearings and 1 anti-reverse. Its drag release button (optional) is patented, which allows you to freely unwind the thread

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Everol Slow Pitch Jigging

Revised and improved Everol ESSE J6 and ESSE J8 after extensive testing are finally available. Features specifically designed for slow pitch, fast recovery, hybrid ceramic bearings, modulated and precise drag make it an ideal product for this technique. 8 bearings + one one way bearing Knob mounted on bearings for greater sensitivity Clutch lever with

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Everol downrigger Nautilus

The Everol Nautilus Downrigger is simple yet functional. Built with only the most anti-corrosive components, the Nautilus is built to withstand the insidious saltwater environment. The Nautilus can swivel 360 degrees and stop at will, and its ingenious clutch system can be controlled effortlessly with one hand (by simply winding counterclockwise, the ball or Z-Wing

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Everol Twister

Everol Twister is knot tying tools that make that complicated knot to the union of dyneema with fluorcarbon super easy. Tension can be set for perfect, high-precision knots every time. The changeable weight system let it great for making PR knot for PE3 to PE12 line, possible combination allow 40 – 45 – 50 –

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